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 Township Parks

Jacobs Creek Park

     Jacobs Creek Park is a beautiful and picturesque park.  It was built under the Water Shed Protection and Flood Preservation Act of 1972.  The "new" Green Lick Reservoir is now located within this park.  Numerous farms were taken to make this Reservoir.  The park is located on Mudd School Road just past the Paradise Church off of Route 982.  The park includes picnic pavilions, ballfield, and a large grassy area around the reservoir for walking and relaxing.  Fishing and boating are also permitted with regulations set for electric motors only.

     Unknown to many, in the area of the Reservoir holds great historical significance.  On the night of July 1, 1755 - General Edward Braddock and his troops camped near the Junick Farm (across the road from the breast of the reservoir).  It was called "The Great Swamp Camp".  The swamp which extended for a considerable distance on both sides of Jacobs Creek had to be made passable.  It was stated that they had to build a "corduroy" road to advance over the swamp.  When Braddock's army resumed their march on July 2, 1755, they proceeded on a path through the swamp crossing Green Lick Run and through what is now Hammondville and crossed Jacob's Creek.  They proceeded through present day Mt. Pleasant, stopping to refresh themselves at the Union Spring (located near Ramsey School) then onto Fort Duquesne in Pittsburgh.  Only a few miles away from Fort Duquesne, on July 9, 1755, General Braddock was mortally shot in a battle near present day Braddock, PA.

Bullskin Township Park

     Bullskin Township Park was created through funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Community Affairs / Development Block Grant Project / Recreational Improvement and Rehabilitation Act of 1993.  The park is located along Route 982 between Wooddale and the Pleasant Valley Country Club.  The park consists of 2 Tennis Courts, 1 Basketball Court, a Playground for children, and a half mile asphalt walking course.


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