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 The "Real" Bear Rocks


     This is the story about the "REAL" Bear Rocks.  First, we have to get one thing straight - the "Real" Bear Rocks IS NOT located in the Bear Rocks Housing Community. 

     The Bear Rocks is a place of many rock formations, passage ways, caves, and uncharted caverns.  Some say it was a "Sacred" place for the local Indians, some say it was a "Hide Out" for Gangsters, and some say there is "Gangsters Loot" hid among the rocks.

     From the late 1800's to the 1950's it was actually a picnic area where many families would gather for the day and some Family Reunions were even held there.  It had a picnic pavilion, a large grassy meadow, swings and seesaws, and even a swimming area below the rocks - the water was said to be freezing!  In an article from the Mount Pleasant Journal dated February 14, 1923 it said that the present owner was working on a new feature for the coming season, which was the swimming area.  It was to be 100 feet long by 50 feet wide and would be located below the "famous rocks".  The depth would run from 6 inches to 10 feet with a cement breast.  Many people from all over the United States once enjoyed this special place.

     When that particular farm and land was sold sometime in the 1950's it was off limits and NEVER opened to the public again - even to this very day.

     Now only a few people know where the "Real" Bear Rocks are located.  And even if you know the general area and location, one wrong turn and you can miss them completely.  It is almost as if the Indians had cast a spell over their "Scared Ground" so only certain people could enter.

     When you enter the rocks you stand in awe.  No words can truly describe this place.  This feeling comes over you like YOU ARE in a "Sacred Place" - you want to whisper like your in church - that is the only way to describe it.  The rocks contain thousands of names carved in the walls (The oldest date found is from 1861).  A testimony of the people who have enjoyed this special place for centuries.  When the wind sweeps through the passage ways it seems like you can hear the ghosts from the past.

     Below are some pictures of this Legendary, Very Beautiful, but Eerie Place located high on the mountains in Bullskin Township.

1905 - Brown Family Reunion At The Bear Rocks



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