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"Our Members, Volunteers, and Friends
are our most valuable assests"

Acme Open Bible Church

Three Mile Hill & Bear Rocks Road
Acme, PA

     In the early 1950's the church was started and services was held in the Southerwood School (One Room School House) with Brother Strable.  In 1957 the present church was built and the old school house was torn down to make a parking area.  The church was known as the Southerwood Church until 1983 when they changed the name to Acme Open Bible Church.

Breakneck Church Of God

Breakneck Road
Connellsville, PA

     It was on June 25, 1888 that the Breakneck Church of God became a reality.  On that date, John and Catherine Detwiler sold a small section of land for $5 to three men acting as trustees for the newly organized church.  They were John Detwiler, Andrew Halfhill, and James Means.  The first pastor of the church was Reverend James Means.  When the church was first built it had two front doors.  The reason being was that the congregation was separated.  The men on the left, the women on the right, and the children in the middle toward the front.  The original worshipers had no nice pews, but rather simply sat on boards.  The belfry was added in 1922.  The first vacation bible school was held in 1952.  On December 16, 1957 the old Breakneck Schoolhouse was purchased and is used as a fellowship hall.  In 1972 an addition consisting of restrooms, kitchen, and furnace room was completed.

East Connellsville UMC

Church Now Known As:


East End Road
Connellsville, PA

     This church began as a Sunday School held in the community building near the old Johnson Schoolhouse.  On May 28, 1928 the Reverend Stahl of the Allegheny Conference organized the church.  The church first started out as the East Connellsville United Brethren Church.  Reverend Paul Morris was the first pastor.  The building site was donated by William Henry and on July 10, 1928 ground was broken.  With a lot of dedicated people and donated help, the church was finished rather quickly and the dedication service was held on January 27, 1929.  In 1946 the church became associated with the Evangelical United Brethren Church.  Then in 1968 with the joining of the EUB and Methodist denominations it became known as the East Connellsville United Methodist Church.  In 1972 - 1973 an addition was attached to the original building consisting of a social room, classrooms, and rest rooms.

     This church was closed and sold (date unknown) and it is now known as the WORLD CHRISTIAN OUTREACH MINISTRIES led by Pastor Don Smith.

Fairview Community Church

Gimlet Hill & Mudd School Road
Mount Pleasant, PA

     This church was originally known as the Fairview United Brethren Church.  The first worshipers held their meetings in the Pershing Schoolhouse.  A lot was donated by Abraham Pershing for a church and cemetery lot.  The church was built in the summer of 1847.  The first pastor was Reverend John Sitman.  In May of 1850 a Sabbath School was organized.  This was the FIRST Sunday School in Bullskin Township.  In the minutes of the Sabbath School dated August 4, 1850 a strange phenomenon took place.  "Today an extraordinary phenomenon appeared about the sun, and it was seen by the whole school.  It consisted of two large circles around the sun which seemed to join or run into each other at the eastern and western sides.  Another very large circle west of the sun with the eastern side of the ring in or over the sun.  There also appeared in the eastern horizon an arc resembling a rainbow in colors which was only an eighth of a circle large.  This occurred between the hours of ten and eleven before the noon hour while the sky was beautifully clear and the air pleasant and warm."  This created a profound impression at the time and many people feared what it may have meant.  Soon after a virulent epidemic occurred causing the death of a member in nearly every family who witnessed this strange phenomenon.  It was looked upon as a warning sign and an omen of evil.  In 1965 the church left the United Brethren Conference and at that time changed the name to the Fairview Community Church.

Harvest Community Church

Medsger Road
Connellsville, PA

     This is the newest church in Bullskin Township.  Pastor Rob Allison was a former pastor for the Church of God from 1988 - 2001.  He and his wife Robin started the Harvest Community Church to reach people that otherwise may not attend church.  The services are contemporary and very relaxing.  Just please "Come As You Are".  The first service was held on May 4, 2003.  Services are currently being held at the Bullskin Township Senior Citizens Center.  The Allison's would like to some day acquire some ground and build their church in Bullskin Township.

Mt. Olive Church


     The organization of the church dates back to 1861.  At that time services were being held in the Gault Schoolhouse.  The land was obtained from John & Susan Miner by deed dated February 8, 1866.  The ground was covered with a heavy growth of oak trees.  A part of the plot of ground was set aside for burial purposes.  In the Spring of 1871 the erection of the church began.  Some of the large oak trees were cut and hauled to Detwiler's Mill and sawn to make the frame work for the structure.  Other timber was cut and sawn for siding, flooring, seats, etc.  The church was dedicated on November 11, 1871.  The first revival meeting was held during the winter of 1871 resulting in 29 conversions.  In 1872 a Sunday School was established.  In 1931 the Primary Room was added to the original structure.  In 1958 an Annex was built and a full basement was dug out and Sunday School Rooms were added.  In the early 1980's land was purchased along Route 982 and a Parsonage was built.  A few years later a Fellowship Hall was erected at the same site.

Country Church


     This church no longer exists, but it's roots are deep into two other local churches (one of these still exists) that is located in the mountain area.  Mount Pisgah Church was located on the present day Stouffer Brothers Farm.  The old Bear Rocks Schoolhouse was located right next door to this church.  Robert Hoffer remembers his mother saying that she walked passed the church everyday going to school and it had the most beautiful windows she had ever saw.  The church was established in 1872 and the building was dedicated in December of 1877.  It belonged to the Indian Creek Circuit and had the same Ministers as the Evangelical Churches of Saltlick.  It was a sister church to the Paradise Church located near Wooddale.  For some reason (this is still be researched) the Mount Pisgah Church ceased to exist. 

     In 1896 the David Miller family gave a parcel of land for a new church to be built.  It was located "up the hill" from the old church.  The name was changed to the Mt. Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church.   Then in the late 1960's some of the members did not want to merge with the Methodist Church.  At this time the ones that didn't mind the merger started worshiping at either Calvary or Acme United Methodist Church, the ones that didn't want to merge sold the building and started yet another church.  This is the present day Mount Zion Community Church which is located on Kreinbrook Hill Road.

Mount Salem Church


     This church is also known to many as the "Stouffer Church".  More information will be added as we do more research on this particular church.

Mount Zion Church


     Mount Zion Community Church has its roots in the former Mount Zion EUB Church AND the Mount Pisgah Evangelical Church.  A conflict led some of the people to withdraw from the conference in 1970.  In April 1970 the small group was introduced to a Pastor Leroy Kesler.  At that time the group started meeting in houses and a local community center.  In October 1970 land was purchased from Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kreinbrook  and the first worship service was held at that location on November 22, 1970 in a foundation that was already on the property.  In 1971 work began on the church building and in April 1972 the first worship service was held in the new building.  In 1978 the church started a Christian School which is called Mount Zion Christian Academy.

Paridise Church


     In 1874 the Mount Pleasant Circuit was formed of the Evangelical Association.  At this time the Paradise Church began as Sunday School meetings held in the Mudd School.  In 1876 land located near the Mudd School was donated by Jacob and Polly Stauffer for a church.  The cornerstone was laid on July 9, 1876 and the building dedicated on November 26, 1876.  In 1919 a Parsonage was completed adjacent to the church.  In 1966 a new parsonage was built.  In 1969 an education unit and fellowship hall was added.  In 1999 Paradise Church celebrated their 125th Anniversary.

Pennsville Mennonite


     In 1796 ground was purchased by the trustees of the Mennonite Congregation for a Meetinghouse, Schoolhouse, and Burial Ground.  The first building erected was made of logs, but in 1852 was replaced with an all brick building.  Abraham Stauffer was the first minister.  In 1903 the building was removed and the remaining congregation went to worship with other Mennonite Believers in the Scottdale - Alverton Area.  The Pennsville Mennonite Cemetery is also know as the Alte Menist Cemetery.

Pennsville Baptist


     Soon after 1800 the settlers living in the western part of Bullskin and eastern part of Tyrone Townships united to build a meeting house for worship.  It stood on land that was leased from the John Shank Farm (a portion of the lot being set apart for cemetery purposes).  This church was also known as the White Meeting House.  The first minister was Reverend James Estep and he was known as the "Father of the Church at Pennsville."  The church was affiliated with the "Mt. Pleasant Church".  In 1868 the Pennsville "Jacobs Creek" Church became a separate organization, and on September 1, 1868 was received into the Monongahela Association.  At that time there were 90 members.  Over the years there have been great expansions of the church and buildings and the different ministries they offer.  The church has grown form under 100 people to over 700 people.

Pennsville UMC


     This church was first known as the Pennsville United Evangelical Church.  In the autumn of 1895 the Reverend Barlett came to Pennsville and he preached for a while in the "Old Brick Church" at the foot of the hill on Irish Run.  An organization of the first class in the Little Brick Church was on February 10, 1897 and it was followed by revival meetings.  A new church was built and on October 22, 1899 the "Little Church on the Hill" was dedicated.  The first baptism was held at Detwiler's Mill on July 15, 1904 when 13 people were baptised.  On March 19, 1932 the schoolhouse located next to the church burned down.  It was later rebuilt and used as Sunday School rooms.  That area now is used as a picnic pavilion.  In 1947 the church was covered with red insulbrick.  In 1968 the Evangelical United Brethren and the United Methodist Churches joined and the church was then known as the Pennsville United Methodist Church.  Following the merger the church was remodeled with white siding.  In 1999 the church celebrated their 100th anniversary.

Pleasant Valley Community Church


     On January 4, 1948 the Pleasant Valley Sunday School first met as a congregation in the former Pleasant Valley Schoolhouse.  In 1957 the schoolhouse was sold and at that time meetings were held in various members homes.  In 1958 John & Anna Lilley donated a plot of ground to build a church.  An old log house was purchased, dismantled, and moved to the site.  With a lot of hard work the house was placed back together and the first church service was held there in the Spring of 1958.  Guiding the congregation since 1956 had been Pastor Frank Dean, Sr.  In the late 1980's a new church building was constructed.

Rich Hill Community Church


     This non-denominational church was organized and built by Mr. Grant Firestone in 1905.  The tract of land was donated to the church by Mr. Etling.  The cemetery is much older than the church.  One early grave is that of David Studebaker, who died in 1777.  He was a pioneer traveling thru and boarded at a farm near there.  He got sick and died.  The hollow behind the church is called Studebaker Hollow.

Wooddale Bible Brethren


     Wooddale Bible Brethren Church is a newcomer to Bullskin Township.  It was founded by neighbors, friends, and families who have made their homes in the area for most of their lives.

     The church was organized in 1984 and began meetings for Sunday morning worship at the Pleasant Valley Grange.  During that time the church searched for a suitable piece of ground on which to build a new facility.  In 1993 the church members ultimately selected and purchased 5 acres of the former Echard Farm at the Northern end of the village of Wooddale.  The new church was built and services started being held there early in 1999.

Wooddale Church Of The Brethren


     Before this church existed in Wooddale, those who were already members were enrolled in the Mount Joy congregation.  Pastor Ludwick (then pastor at Mount Joy) organized a Sunday School and held preaching services every Sunday afternoon at the old Masonic Lodge Hall near there.  Services proved successful and the Ulery's donated ground for a church.

     At a council meeting on May 7, 1921 at Mount Joy, the petition for a church at Wooddale was presented and the privilege of soliciting funds to build the church was given to Mrs. Ulery.  The Baptist church building near West Overton was bought and rebuilt on the site during that year.  It was dedicated on November 19, 1922 and became separated from the Mount Joy congregation in 1924.

    The church was destroyed by fire on November 29, 1961.  The church services were held in the Bullskin Township Elementary Schools multi purpose room until a new church was built.  The new church was built and dedicated on June 16, 1963.


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