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"Our Members, Volunteers, and Friends
are our most valuable assests"

 Mount Vernon Furnace Project


(2006 - 2007)

     The Stabilization and Restoration of the Furnace is an extremely large project.  The entire project could take up to 10 years or more to complete.  We have finished the PHASE 1 of the project which was the stone restoration of the furnace.  PAUL KUNKLE of PIONEER MASONRY from Acme, PA did all of the stone work along with some help from some of the fellows from the Furnace and Grounds Committee.  Click on PHASE 1 PHOTOS to see more!

*BEFORE*  Stone Restoration

Front ViewRight Side ViewBack ViewInside Furnace

*AFTER*  Stone Restoration

Front ViewRight Side ViewBack ViewCorner View

(2008 - 2010)

     Phase 2 of the restoration started in the winter of 2008.  First task was to clean out the inside of the furnace.  A lot of debris had collected in there over the past 200 years!  The men carefully started to clean the interior not knowing what they might find.  Numerous high-lift buckets full of dirt, cinders, charcoal, and glassy slag came out of the furnace.  What was really amazing that after all of the debris was removed we found that the "CRUCIBLE" was still intact!  A CRUCIBLE is a containment area that can withstand the very high temperatures necessary to melt iron ore and limestone into liquid iron.  The crucible in our furnace was made of cut stone and fireclay.  During this phase of the project we also constructed the Water Wheel Pit, landscaped our grounds and made a more "park like" setting and added some picnic tables.  We also built a walking bridge over the stream.  The finishing touches was the sign placed at the site to explain the history and significance of the furnace.  Click on PHASE 2 PHOTOS to see more!

(2011 - 2015)


     Jim Whetsel who was the head of the water wheel project had made a complete model of what an Iron Furnace would have looked like when it was in operation.  We now have it on display on the furnace grounds.  At this time, Jim also started to do research for the Water Wheel Project and drew up blueprints.  With the blueprints done, our next step was to get prices on lumber.  After much consideration, we decided to go with lumber made from old electric poles.  The reason being was the electric pole was "treated wood" and would not rot AND "Butler Timber Resources" of Bullskin Township was able to furnish us with this type of lumber.  Jim alone built the wheel (in two pieces) at his home in his spare time, finishing it in October 2014.  The water wheel was finally put to place in October 2015



    The Casting Shed was built by Dolan Contracting.  We had no idea what the original Casting Shed looked like, so we fashioned it to the Union Furnace Casting Shed that was once located in Dunbar, PA and also owned by Isaac Meason.  These two furnaces were in operation at the same time.  We are also in the process of making the "Pig Beds" under the shed roof to show how the iron was made into pig iron.


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